Our Story - Kwikframe
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Our Story

Building A Better Africa

A Little History

KWIKFRAME is a unique non-brick building system formulated for unstable soil conditions and hurricane disasters, first developed in the USA and now has a global presence in 28 countries!


KWIKFRAME was used commercially in 1970 with the first plant in South Africa established in 1981. An Agrément Board Certificate has been issued (1989) with the product approved by NHBRC as well as all SA commercial institutions for financing.


We believe it is the ideal construction material to easily and rapidly erect both rural and urban buildings. Several schools, houses, community centres and commercial buildings have been erected with this unique product.


The company has launched its Country Wide Exclusive Franchise- and dedicated Accredited Installers programmes and intend to be well represented throughout SA by end 2022.


Kwikframe will also concentrate on equipping the Franchisees and Accredited Installers with the necessary admin and management skills to make their businesses a huge success.


This will give the business and the country an edge to place the newly trained and qualified people all over the country to establish their operations in the construction field. To detail and expand upon, an export marketing strategy, with particular relevance to their intention to an African marketing drive.

What is KWIKFRAME and How Does it Work?

KWIKFRAME walls have 2mm diameter welded steel in a unique three-dimensional structural form.

Panels are pre-manufactured and come in standard size of 1,22×2,95m. It can also be manufactured to suite client’s specific sizes.

An initial dryer river sand or aggregate dust mix is applied to fill the interior of the panels between the wire. Then a final normal plaster mix is applied onto both sides of the panel to a thickness of approximately 80mm.


This results in a powerful and cost-effective walling system and gets erected in record-breaking time when fitted by professionals.


KWIKFRAME walls are the quickest practical solution for industrial and commercial walling. Up to 100sqm of wall can be erected and gunited in only 8 hours to form solid partitioning walls to suit tenant requirements. The walls can be cut to allow for door & window openings without costly lintel or masonry reinstatement or any sub frames being used.

Kwikframe Features & Benefits


The cost of using KWIKFRAME in your building needs could save you up to 50% depending on where you are in South Africa. Save on material & labour costs!


KWIKFRAME walls of only 80mm thick can hold up to 17,8 ton/sqm compared to traditional brick and block, while also giving you more internal space. It also weighs ONLY 25% (130kg/sqm) of the weight of traditional double brick walls.(500kg/sqm)


External walls are classified with a 30 minute to 2.5-hour fire-resistance rating and are even tested to be bulletproof.


KWIKFRAME thermal capabilities are within the recommended specification criteria in all climatic zones, and an RA value of 3.8 can be reached.


KWIKFRAME building is up to 70% faster compared to traditional brick and block, saving you a considerable on labour costs, time and money.


KWIKFRAME walls have sound insulation values ranging from 37db to > 50db, specifically referring to airborne sound.


KWIKFRAME is superior to conventional construction methods because of its ability to last. It is made of high-grade steel and insulation is made of polyurethane (PU).


The KWIKFRAME Building System carries an Agrément South Africa license 1989/194 and are approved by SABS, NHBRC and CSIR. This way you’re sure you’re getting the best, quality assured products!

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